Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shrimp Bracelet

How cool is this shrimp bracelet ? Nacho won the 2008 Hugo Salinas Price Competition Award ( 1st Place )with this very original and labor intensive masterpiece. The Hugo Salinas is a competition that Nacho has entered for many years- an annual and very prestigious national silver contest in Mexico City and he has always walked away with a prize !

Truly a work of art! Can you imagine the fun to be had wearing this in New Orleans at Jazzfest? No doubt that most people would give your wrist a second glance so don't even think about wearing it unless you don't mind having a real conversation starter attached to your body !

This bracelet weighs a hefty 158 grams, has playful movable onyx eyes and curls and uncurls to hug your wrist. The clasp is a box clasp where the tail meets just underneath the front legs with a 3mm malachite stone for the clasps "push button ".

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