Saturday, July 25, 2009

360 West Magazine Article on Nacho

These photos were taken by Rachel Peters for 360 West Magazine.
The August issue is all about "what's cool " and I think these pieces fit the bill perfectly and then some ... These pieces aren't just cool but are collectible/wearable pieces of art. Meda Kessler says it best in her article on Nacho Gomez-
"But it's on a wrist or around the neck where his pieces really shine. Talk about statement jewelry. These substantial pieces (which pair nicely with thin bangles or with turquoise ) are conversation-starters " . SO TRUE !!!!

Anyone interested in trying on a sample (as there is a short wait to own your very own )can find the collection at Dean-Kingston.
This super-hip store is located at
821 Foch St /// Fort Worth Tx 76107 (817)698-8323

Amadillo Bracelet- $990.00
Iguana Chica Necklace- $625.00
Iguana Bracelet- $990.00

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chain Collection Part 2

These two chain styles I call the "cien pies" or centipede and "cucharas" or spoons...They look a lot heavier than they really are and feel great against the skin.

Chain Collection Part 1

These two chain styles I refer to as the Boomerang and the Greek . They look a lot thicker and heavier than they really are which means that thye are very comfortable to wear. They feel so nice on your skin- warming up to your body's temperature....

Snake Necklace with Grey Moonstone

This snake necklace is made from individually hinged "scales " or joints that give it a very flexible movement. It literally wraps around and lays beautifully as it molds to the curve of your neck. The center stone of this piece is a carved grey moonstone with details that must be seen to be believed. The eyes are made of black onyx and give the double snake heads even more dimension - Simply Exquisite !!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dragon Bracelet

This cool dragon bracelet has garnet eyes and the clasp opens by pushing down on the flames coming out of its mouth !

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jaguar Necklace

This fierce jaguar necklace has garnet eyes . It lays right around the collarbone and will definitely turn heads when you are wearing it !

Dragon Necklace

This dragon necklace has garnet eyes and the clasp is opened by pressing on the flames coming out of the dragons mouth. Very clever !