Saturday, July 25, 2009

360 West Magazine Article on Nacho

These photos were taken by Rachel Peters for 360 West Magazine.
The August issue is all about "what's cool " and I think these pieces fit the bill perfectly and then some ... These pieces aren't just cool but are collectible/wearable pieces of art. Meda Kessler says it best in her article on Nacho Gomez-
"But it's on a wrist or around the neck where his pieces really shine. Talk about statement jewelry. These substantial pieces (which pair nicely with thin bangles or with turquoise ) are conversation-starters " . SO TRUE !!!!

Anyone interested in trying on a sample (as there is a short wait to own your very own )can find the collection at Dean-Kingston.
This super-hip store is located at
821 Foch St /// Fort Worth Tx 76107 (817)698-8323

Amadillo Bracelet- $990.00
Iguana Chica Necklace- $625.00
Iguana Bracelet- $990.00

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